Being a sagacious intellect

yet suffer from neglect

acting like a layman

serving as a pawn.

Yes!you have conjectures

how the things gonna be

but still

choosing a journey to tyrannous path

would left you a psychopath.

Raising your hopes

drowning your spirits,

showing your gratitude

by letting your attitude

to live in a solitude.

Stepping for one-way transaction

would lead to no satisfaction.

Holding on resentment and remorse

when no one else knows.

Lips would have parted in smile

but you were the one 

who chased the shadow in dark,

gave a trashy try

and chose to cry.

Dabbling with emotions

churned you into tears

and paralysed soul.

Your inclinations

served as a wanton destruction.

Forsook mistress empire


dwelt in distress shire.

Yes! you had conjectures,

how the things gonna be

but still

you chose to hurt yourself!

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